Large Wheel Woolies Wheel Brushes Kit (3 Brushes)

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Sheepskin Wheel Woolies - literally made from wool! Strong but gentle enough to not scratch or harm the finish on wheels - particularly useful on gloss black wheel finishes. 

  • Item Type: Sponges, Cloths & Brushes
  • Brand Name: CLOUD SEVEN
  • Item Weight: 0.4kg
  • Item Width: 4 inch, 2.2 inch, 2 inch
  • Item Length: 18 inch, 17.5 inch, 12.8 inch
  • Item Diameter: 1.5cm
  • Item Height: Blue/Black
  • Material Type: Merino Sheepskin

Note: As these are real wool, similar to a wool wash mitt, there is a certain service life, which should far exceed a years worth of weekly washing. However, we advise against using heavy caustic or strong acid based wheel cleaners as this will dramatically shorten the wool nap life.